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    I can't view my entire channel lineup in the program guide


      when I look at the program guide, there are only a few channels available to me - Channels 2 - 25, 44 and 49.  I have a zillion more channels that that - all of which are availble to me and work fine if I type them in using the remote keypad.  But I'd like to see the guide so I know what's on these channels.


      The guide is complete using the Watch on Slingbox.com but limited as mentioned above using the Slingbox 2.0 software AND the iPhone app.


      My exact Verizon FIOS Motorola DVR was not listed in Setup but I used a similar Motorola DVR.  I also was unable to choose my exact town in the setup so I used the closest town's Verizon FIOS.  That town is only 15 minutes away and we are all in a congested suburb of Boston so I don't think that town's channels are any different than mine.  Besides, they surely have more than channels 2 - 25, 45 and 49.


      My zip code starts with a zero and that was left off when I went back in to Setup on Watch on Slingbox.com.


      I found a vague reference to this same problem where the person answered that "probably you have selected the right provider but only as local, so it will only show 99 channels"


      This person did not elaborate on this response despite the questioner needing more information.  https://community.sling.com/message/36202


      Does anyone know why I only have a limited channel lineup in the program guide?