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    router setting changed


      recently lost power and intranet thanks to the weather  / verizon has me back up and running but they reversed how my router goes thru my modem now the router ip is 192 168 .2 .1 instead of 192 .168.1.1  slingbox sttings in router should be port 5001 and ip  anyone know how to make it work if it is now  ????

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          tried resetting slingbox and reprogramming with online sert up  wants to add in manually to my router my router still set at how do i change slingbox to .2.237 or get slingbox to recognize router settings?  

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              Bryanod Novice

              It sounds like you have 2 routers ? On your modem its now making you router wan ip 192.168.1.something.  The Lan and wan can't be the same so the router lan ip is  Correct? In your router you must have assigned the sling mac address to that IP.  look for that                                                                                                                                    

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              Hello kevinf.


              I see that you are having difficulties setting up the Internet Viewing after your Internet Service Provider (ISP) changed some settings on your network. Probably, you will need to enable the Internet Viewing on both devices (modem and router). Feel free to use these links as a reference for this setup:


              Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


              Port Forward


              Setting up remote viewing when you have multiple routers




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