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    Remote not loading in Slingplayer


      OK, this is my second box. Sling Media was kind enough to swap the box out, so for all intents and purposes, this is a brand new box with the same issue as the last.


      With Both of my slingplayers, web and desktop, the remote and guide functions are simply not loading. In the desktop slingplayer, the remote and guide are both greyed out, and on the web player, it is states "remote loading.


      Sling media DOES support ther type of DVR I`m using. It`s a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD, but that doesn`t seem to be the issue. During setup, the setup wizzard DLs the binar and then states `this is your remote. Test it and see if it works. If it doesn`t ... go BACK and try a different remote.`


      At this point there is NO remote dispalyed at all. I still have never seen a GUI remote, ever.


      THis is getting really frusxtrating. Can some PLEASE help me.