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    Connecting to Slingbox


      I seem to be able to connect to my slingbox but after about 10 seconds of it playing the tv program is freezes or starts to buffer and then it looses connection.  I have manually set up the port as recommended in the forum.  I have cleaned cache/cookies.  I have great upload and download speeds.  I have a dedicated cable box just set up for the slingbox; in other words there are no tv's hooked up to the cable box.  My cable box is connected directly to my cable router; so there is no wireless issues - it is hard wired directly from cable router to the cable box.  The slingbox worked great for almost 8 months then over the past 3 months it has not worked at all.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated?


      How come slingbox doesn't have a better technical support team?  A life person to help resolve this issue would help save alot of frustration and time!!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          When you use, say, a laptop computer in the room where your Slingbox is located and connect it (via Ethernet or wireless) to the same router and cable modem that are providing the Internet service for your Slingbox, what UPLOAD speed is reported when you visit the website www.speakeasy.net/speedtest and choose a test site that is close to your Slingbox location?


          It might be that the upload speeds at your site have degraded in the past 3 months.   It is also possible that your Internet Service Provider at the Slingbox has invoked a streaming limit on your network.


          I am raising these points because the stuttering, freezing, then disconnection are all symptoms of low upload speeds from the Slingbox to the internet.


          And I think there could be another possibility of heat buildup around the Slingbox -- I have mine sitting on "stilts" to increase the distance between the bottom of the Slingbox and the hardwood floor beneath it, to improve air circulation.