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      Hello Can I watch my Slingbox on my PS3 or My Nokia N97

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          i don't think there are players for either of those. def not one for the psp. maybe try installing the software on your phone and see if it works. it isn't listed as supported, but who knows.

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              Wont work on N97.  You will get sound and control but no pics.  Slingmedia don't seem bothered about S60v5 phones.  Shouldn't need much of a tweak but its been almost a year now since v5 phones came out....    

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                  Hey there, I didn't see this post before...and I started a new thread about the same topic...the N97...there are lots of other websites out there that have petitions that I just saw BEGGING for sling player mobile on the N97...do sling employees even check these forums?  My Slingbox has not been used in a year and a half due to the N97 not being compatible...If you ask me it's a very expensive paper weight...