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    Intermittent connection issue: Someone else is watching your slingbox



      Everytime I connect using Slingplayer for Windows the first time, I get the error  "Unable to connect to your slingbox".  I then immediately try to connect again using the Connect menu (or Alt-X), and get a different dialog box "Someone else is watching your slingbox".  The IP address listed in this 'Conflict Manager' dialog box is my IP address.  After typing in the admin password, I usually get the error "Unable to connect".


      If I repeat this process (trying to connect, typing in admin password, getting unable to connect error) 5-10 so times, it eventually connects and works great for hours on end.  But going thru this process during connection is pretty frustrating.


      Additional Info:

      Using the same computer, I can always connect the first time using the web browser viewer (though I dont like the web experience as much, and it has a tendency to crash from time to time). 


      I've had this Slingbox for a few years and it used to work, I don't know what changed.  No-one else is watching the slingbox, I even changed the password to something only I know to make sure it wasn't stolen or anything.  I've tried updating  both the firmware on the Slingbox and the software on my PC, and it is up to date.