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    Data plan in New Zealand


      I am moving to New Zealand and will have the slingbox based in Ohio.  Unlike my home internet in the US, the plans in NZ seem to be based on data usage.  How much data usage will I need to watch the slingbox most days in a month in NZ?

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          BellSystem Newbie

          I can help with this I think. I use my Pro-HD every day and currently "sling" at 1450 kbps. Currently I am guzzling ~ 200-250 GB every month with my viewing habits. (which include sometimes falling asleep while streaming). I could trim out some usage of course by not doing that and altering some viewing habits of course. But use that number as a target while shopping for a provider. There are meathods of restricting your throughput as well...be sure to do your homework and for goodness sake keep an eye on your usage meter!!!

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              Your usage rate would also depend on whether you are watching your programs in High Definition, or in Standard Definition.   HD is MUCH MORE bandwidth hungry -- like a factor of 10 more?    Not sure if this is directly relatable, but my digital video recorder -- running at standard definition -- saves 750 MB of data per hour of TV program recorded, on average.  So, if I were recording two hours of TV programming every day, this would be about 45 GB per month.   So, I assume that if I were to then stream that same amount of programming through my Slingbox, it would also be about 45 GB per month  -- perhaps a bit more due to "overhead"?   And my ISP advises its customers that they only start looking into possible customer "overuse of the service" if the customer is regularly exceeding 50 GB of data transfers per month -- a number that they say only a couple percent of their home customers even approach.   I suppose if I were ever to start regularly exceeding 50 GB per month my ISP would contact me to "offer" me an upgrade to one of their "commercial/business service packages", with perhaps a terabyte per month, or more, limits.