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    Can't locate Slingbox SOLO




      I just purchased a slingbox solo and a slinglink kit.  I have everything physically connected:


      1. Slinglink connected by ethernet cable to router, port 1, and plugged directly to a wall power socket.  3 lights on

      2. Slinglink connected to power socket in room with Comcast DVR, connected by ethernet to Slingbox Solo.  3 lights on

      3. Slingbox Solo connected to Comcast DVR via RCA connector (proivided with slingbox solo).  2 lights on, but network light seems to be dim...

      4.  Running the software on my laptop, and it cannot find the slingbox.  I am connected to a Linksys WRT54G router that is password protected.


      Does the slingbox need the password for the router to connect?  If so, how do I accomplish this?

      If this is not the cause, how do I figure out the cause for my problem?  I have to figure this out very soon.



      Thank you