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    Slingbox Pro-HD: Need remote for DirecTV HR24-200?


      I have tried almost of of the suggestions to get the remote working with my new Slingbox, including: making sure my receiver is set to IR (not RF), have tried all codes listed for DirecTV at the setup assistant, positioning and repositioning ad nauseum the IR blaster, tried using two IR blasters -- one top, one bottom, and all suggestions from the Advanced IR Blaster or Onscreen Remote Control Troubleshooting guide, except the camera test, as I do not have access to a digital camera at present. I have also read and tried suggestions from the "Read this first if you have an issue with On-Screen Remote Control" article. I even tried creating a remote, but got abasolutely nothing on any of the buttons. I received a Zipfile with a readme document an 8 sets of 2 BIN files.  I installed the PC Version of the Sllingplayer and added the BIN files to the SBAV folder as instructed.  But, herein lies my question:  When I run the Setup Assistant to Configure Video Sources, I worked through the screens where I slected "Satellite", then "DirecTV" as the manufacturer, and then "Other" for model.  But the next screen gave me a drop down list with "Code 0 through Code 25", but no "Custom" option.  The next screen led to building a remote (none of those 26 codes worked, by the way.)  Can someone tell me what I did wrong here, or what I missed?  I am pretty sure that it must be bad IR Blaster cables and will be calling Slingbox to see if I can get new ones, but would like to be armed with some answers and information when they arrive to get this up and running.  Thanks.