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    Windows XP Solo setup problems

    tjbinno Newbie

      Am a successful many year user of a Slingbox Pro both within house and long distanced networked via PC (Win XP and Win 7) and iPad.


      Decided to replace the Pro with a Solo and having all sorts of what has been described as software version problems.



      Slingbox Solo has been both unplugged and replugged and factory reset at least 10 times.


      Slingbox Solo is visible on my router (WNDR3700).  Shows up with the specific reserved IP address I've setup  ( set up for the SOLO MAC address) and has 5001 set as the port forwarding.  Looks absolutely correctly connected to router.  I even watch the activity when I'm trying to get it setup and I see UDP and TCP to .254 and other address on my Windows PC while its attempting set up.


      On a Windows XP computer (service pack 3) available for the specific purpose of remote access to my video equipment while I'm on the road, I've both installed Slingplayer 2.0.452 and used the IE setup.sling.com trying to get the SOLO configured and connected.


      IE setup.sling software finds the device inititally, goes thru the process of checking the IE plug in, get a screen that it found the slingbox then goes thru initializing and voila says it can't connect to the Slingbox (even though it said it just found it)...yet its clearly available as an attached device in the router and has two SOLID lights, network and power.


      Yes I've turned all firewall software (normally Comodo).


      Just got off the phone with "new customer" support, they got on the PC, tried everything I've done before and was told that the Slingbox SOLO CAN"T be setup with Windows XP, that it has to be set up with Windows 7 or Vista.


      I've just checked the Sling requirements page for Slingplayer and it says it will run on XP S3, Vista or 7.


      The recommendation from phone support was to get a WIn 7 system there to get it setup.  Of course it means borrowing a Win 7  laptop from a friend when available to try it from that system.


      Am I getting some sort of runaround?  Is there something I'm overlooking?  Is there some item that needs setting?