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    Blinking Slingbox Light-even after troubleshooting


      I have had my slingbox solo, and have been using it, for a little over 2 years now.


      Earlier the other day, i saw the network light was blinking. So i did the normal thing of attempting to reset, and re-setup. But no matter what, i cannot detect the slingbox on my network. (even after the following steps::)


      1) Run through slinglink 4 port. The Power and network lights are solid. The port that the slingbox solo is plugged into, is rapidly blinking (like there is activity). I have my computer, which is also plugged into the slinglink, and it has internet access. However, whenever i attempt to connect to set up, it does not work. (The slinglink was not run through a router)


      2) I got my laptop, and followed the steps to try and update the firmware of the slingbox. Laptop had wifi for internet, plugged the network cable from slingbox to laptop, plugged in the slingbox, waited about 5 minutes until network light was blinking, and then i opened up the slingplayer. It opened up the directory, but there were no slingboxes listed. When i saw the slingplayer couldn't find teh slingbox, i tried the online setup, which resulted the same thing.


      3) I connected the slingbox straight up to the router, and it resulted with the network light blinking


      I have the Slingbox ID from before the reset (when it was last working), but attempting to add it manually, doesn't seem to work at all.


      Anyone have any further troubleshooting ideas?