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    Slingbox Solo keeps changing Ports


      Hello people,

      Just thought I would ask about this problem on here just to see if  anyone has any thoughts on the issue of my Slingbox changing its set  port.

      Anyone who has a Slingbox should know that the default port for the Slingbox Service should be set at 5001.

      For me, this is the case, I have forwarded the port to the IP of my  Slingbox which has been set manually when installed initially.

      Now here comes the problem, when I try and access the Slingbox over 3G  outside of the home. This is of course when the box is set on a  different port.

      I find that it is a problem whether I access the box on the iPhone  SlingPlayer, or even over Internet Tethering between iPhone and laptop  and accessing SlingPlayer that way.

      I have a Netgear DG834PN router and have checked uPnP settings to see if  anything in there stands out and looking for possible port forwarding  conflict but cannot seem to locate anything.

      If anyone can help me here, that would be great and thanks in advance.