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    Assign email?


      Can someone tell me if I can assign an email address login to another person so they can use my slingbox account without knowing the email address and password that I use for my slingbox?

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          You should be able to set up a "view only" password, then just provide the sling finder ID and password to the other person.  They can setup their own sling account and add your box to their list.

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              Ed, could you please explain the whole process to create a "View Only" account... When I try to create a guest account, after typing the password (no email account asked) and click next, nothing happens, It gets me back to the last page... It's already crated??? How can I access from my guest account???

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                  Note,  I'm using the Windows software, but they all should have similar options. 


                  Each slingbox has a "Finder ID", think of it as a fixed hardware ID, and then each slingbox has two passwords, an administrator password (which is required to configure and setup the slingbox) and a view-only, or user password.  The view only password is used to give lower priority access, where the viewer can change the channel but not access setup info.  The administratior password can also be used to boot someone else watching the slingbox off the unit, while the view only password can not kick off someone else using the unit.


                  I'm going to assume you've already set up both passwords through the slingbox configuration tools.  If not run the slingbox setup program and assign different passwords for administratior and view only.


                  In the slingplayer 2.0 software, you chose "Connect" and then "Slingbox directory" (or press alt-D).  A list of all the local slingboxes and any remote slingboxes already setup should appear.  If the target one is on the list, click "edit", otherwise click add to add a new slingbox.


                  From the window that pops up, give it a name, then type the password (whichever one you want to use), then either click or unclick "Log in as administrator" as appropriate.  If the slingbox is not on the local network you'll also have to put in the slingbox ID (xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx) as well so the slingbox can be located on the internet.


                  Hope this helps.