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    Download program instead of streaming?


      I'm new here and just bought a Slingbox Pro-HD.  I have not yet hooked it up, but wanted to see if someone might be able to help me with this question.  Forgive me if it has been asked before. I searched the forum and did not see it.


      I am going to be overseas a good bit during football season and I want to be able to watch the games.  Unfortunately, my internet service provider caps my upload speed at 512 kbps.  Is it possible to download programs from my DVR via slingbox rather than stream them?  I would prefer to download them to my computer and watch them without buffering issues.  I would not be able to stream in HD, and have concerns about streaming in SD.


      Thanks in advance for your help on this!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Probably too convoluted to bother with .............   But, if you have a digital video recorder (for example, Tivo) connected to your TV to record the games, and had a computer on the same local area network as your Tivo to which you transferred the saved games (for example, using the Tivo Desktop software), and had your computer connected to the Internet with some sort of software (now going beyond my personal knowledge) that would allow remotely for you to control and copy files from this computer; then in theory (although probably not legally, according to the service rules of your DVR provider -- as well as the copyright broadcast rules of the National Football League, etc) you might be able to watch the games after the fact on your overseas computer.


          Of course, it might be simpler and cheaper to subscribe to some overseas broadcasting service for after-the-fact viewing of NFL games -- if there is such a thing.