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      Since I've been out of the country the internet provider at home has upgraded, meaning new internet set-up . Now I can't access my slingbox. How can I resolve this remotely? What info do I need?

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          Hello kevinhunt.


          Every time that you change your router or Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will need to reconfigure your Slingbox in order for it to acquire a new IP address. The Internet Viewing setup will need to be performed at the Slingbox location, since you must access the router to complete it. Once that's done you should be able to connect locally and remotely without any problems.


          We encourage you to check the following articles to retrieve the instructions for this task,

          How to reset your Slingbox


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward




          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team

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              I'm having the same problems.


              I just reset my slingbox. Starting running the Setup.Slingbox.com and after updating my Slingbox Solo, it can't connect again. I've gone through this process nearly 5 times already.


              I didn't have any problems until I switched to a new house 3 months ago, same internet provider and router type. 2wire 2701hg-b. I just got back in town from work and am now trying to fix the problem.


              Best case scenario is that the slingbox runs for 10 seconds, then it loses conenction again.


              Please help.



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                To the Slingbox Answers Moderation Team:


                I have seen you have given valuable answers to a number of questions here.

                Why cannot you answer to my question I have posted here somewhere else:


                I have the Slingbox Solo.

                Viewing inside LAN is perfect.

                I have set up internet viewing and the box responds everything is ok.

                Zyxell P-2601HN-F1 Router and port 5001 open.


                But when I adress OR my dyndnsadress:5001 I get the following error message:


                <error xmlns="http://www.slingbox.com">


                <message>Resource Not Found</message>




                PLEASE ANSWER,

                What is wrong?


                Best regards,



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                    Stupid me!

                    I thought I should connect to my router via an open port.

                    I understand now that ALL connections to the slingbox go via the slingbox website.

                    May they should make that more clearly.