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    Stuck in a loop on initial set up...


      I have reset my Slingbox Pro (several times!) and it is connected to the same switch as my Windows 7 PC. Power light and network light are on and not blinking.


      When I go through the online set up, the Slingbox is found immediately, it tells me it has the latest version of the software, and then it asks me to enter a password. I do that, and the screen changes to 'initializating' which lasts for 20 - 30 seconds. At the end of that period the screen tells me that I have entered the wrong admin password...when I enter what I believe to be the admin password the screen goes back to the beginning of the cycle and tells me that the Slingbox has been found,,,it tells me that I have the latest version of the software...and you know the rest of the story!


      What am I doing wrong? Anyone have any idea?