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    On a Macintosh computer how can I get internet viewing for my Slingbox ProHD?

    ilw002000 Newbie

      Hi, I had a slingbox pro which worked great.  I have just replaced it with a slingbox prohd so I could set it up with an iPad.  I am using the same set up in the same room as I did with my prior slingbox with no luck.  It works on my local network but not outside the house.  I have spent many hours on the telephone with custumer support without success. Perhaps someone in the forum can help.

      My set up is with a verizon fios router attached to an apple timecapsule router.  The signals are picked up by an apple express base station into which the slingbox is plugged into.  The addresses have been varifed.  The ports are the same and varified.  Verizon has confirmed there is no restriction on video streaming.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.