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    Quality issues over Wi-Fi


      I've got a Thunderbolt and a Pro-HD. When watching over Wi-Fi after about 2 minutes the frame rate will drop to about 3fps. Changing to SQ only solves the problem temporarily. After about 2 minutes again the same problem occurs. It seems anything that clears the buffer will temporarily clear the issue, but it always comes back (sending a control or switching quality). My 3G here is spotty so I can't accurately comment on how it compares, though in my perception it seems that it's not as much an issue over 3G.


      The slingbox and phone are on the same network.


      I've reset my phone, frozen my bloatware, reset the slingbox, tried different routers, and the problem persists. There are no issues watching in HD on a computer.


      Any help would be appreciated.