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    slingcatcher 'options' have disappeared?


      hello, i hope someone maybe able to help me with this?..i've got my slingbox classic and pro boxes connected to my home network fine. the problem i have recently found is that when viewing my sky tv 'slung' via the classic box up to my bedroom tv via the slingcatcher, when i select options to power off the sky box the power on/off selection is not there anymore.

      the only recent change is that i have replaced my older sky box which was connected to the slingbox classic via s-video etc. with a newer sky box which is connected via composite AV  as there is no s-video connection available on the new sky box...is this the problem?..it's the only change that has been made and prior to this i was able to switch off both the slingcatcher and sky box from upstairs in my bedroom. now i have to go downstairs to switch off the sky box..any help would be greatly appreciated.