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    Slingplayer for webOS - support for touchpad and pre


      Dear Slingmedia,


      Is there a reason why if you don't support webOS that you block your paying customers from accessing the site to watch their slingbox via the watch now link on the website?  For the record, I have purchased slingmobile licenses for previous devices including PALM os, windows mobile, and android.  It especially doesn't make sense since you have an app and support iOS and Palm / HP has basically made it so it takes almost no effort for you to port apps over for webOS, For example, Rovio ported over every title they had for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons they said in less than 22 hours.  I love your product and am simply wanting to have access to it on my preferred platform- especially when you don't have to do any real heavy lifting to port it over from iOS to webOS. 


      Given the recent influx of webOS users, and the extremely simple effort it is needed to recompile the app to allow webOS access via a mobile pass, I would hope you will reconsider your decision to ignore some of your loyal customer base.  If you are working on support, any information or even a press release saying it is coming soon would be wonderful!


      I look forward to your response and will happily support your product in the future as long as you will be able to properly support my ability to access it in a platform that I and many others are eager for you to bring to the market!


      Thank you,


      Jake Leese