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    Slingbox PRO Need help - Mac Setup


      Ok coming from a calssic - I just got the PRO HD - I have it setup in my office and I can connect but the viewing sucks.  It is HD but choppy an dhas some squares.  I have very fast Imacs with 8gb ram and 35/35 speeds in office and 25/25 at home - what is the issue here?


      I have checked and Verizon Fios Component Output is fine on tv - so on web vieweing it is bad, not perfect.


      Set up is Verison Roture to Apple Extreme - Slingbox, Imac, all hooke dup to Extreme.

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          Hi, bturkel


          It seems that you are having some issues with the connection to your Slingbox PRO HD since the signal is not good enough.


          In this case, I recommend you to test the connection speed one more time when at the Slingbox location. Among other options, you can test it through www.speedtest.net. Keep in mind that the most important one is the upload speed, that should be at least above 3Mbps. If you get something below to this, the signal will not be good enough.