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    Component Not working


      I have been tryding to connect my Slingbox ProHD. I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240HD connected to the component input of the slingbox and then component from slingbox to tv. The passthrough works great, I have a great picture on the TV but when trying to view/setup remote viewing it tells me there is no video signal. I have moved cables around to make sure that they were not bad. Is there something I am missing? What could be the problem

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          Hi JBarnesVet,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you can't get the video signal using component cables.


          In this case, what I would recommend, is to try a different set of cables or type of cables, RCA for example.


          Besides that, you can connect a different Audio and Video source to discard the current one as a potential issue.


          Also, make sure you're not using an HDMI connection and check if a different video resolution from the Set Top Box works for you.