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    Slingbox just says "Connecting" in the player! (through SAFARI)


      Hi everyone, I am currently studying abroad in Denmark and I am try to "use" my brother's Slingbox.  My brother set up a slingbox on our home cable-box (in the U.S.) and he's had it there for a while.  I never downloaded the actual Slingplayer software onto my computer, however, he did show me how I could access his slingbox through SAFARI.  So I go onto the slingbox website, type in the username and his password, and then click WATCH.  We tested it out before in the U.S. and it worked!  However, when I arrived in Denmark and tried to access it...when I click WATCH all I see is the word "Connecting..." with the spiral thing.  It never ends up saying that the connection has timed out or anything, but it continues to just say "Connecting" and continues forever.  Any Ideas?


      Please help