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    Washed-out colors on Slingbox 350 to Roku Stick


      I have a Tivo BOLT connected to a SlingBox 350 running through at least a 10Mbps upload stream (cable internet).  I have an HDMI-to-Component converter box inline (Musou HDMI to 1080P Component Video (YPbPr) Scaler Converter Adapter with Coaxial Audio Output + R / L Audio).


      On the receiving end I have a Roku stick plugged into a 2014 or so Samsung 40".  Image quality on that TV is stunning for the content coming directly to it from the Tivo Roamio via Cable TV.


      All components are in the same home on the same network so latency is not an issue.


      I am frustrated by colors which are washed out, as though I have brightness set up at 100% and contrast set low.  I have played with all the video output settings on the Tivo Bolt (720p, 1080i, 1080p, etc) and no change impacts the washed-out colors.


      Any ideas?