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    Re: HDMI Adapters For M2

    alanrichey42 Master

      Can't really answer the question as I am not familiar with having an A/V receiver in the system, but when you post a question try to avoid using 'rgb' as a term, the Slingbox does not support that standard.   You actually mean 'component video'.


      And don't bother with the HDMI > Component cables, they don't work with the Slingbox.  HDMI is a digital system and Component Video is analog, so a cable could not possibly make the conversion.

        • Re: HDMI Adapters For M2

          OK, Let me try this again. I do have a converter. I wanted to know if I could run the HDMI from the X1 box to the Component Video in on the converter using the cables and run Component Video out from the converter to the HDMIi in on the TV. I will assume the HDMI can be plugged into the back of the A/V at the cable in. Sorry about the "rgb" red, green and blue was easier. Also does the stereo RCA on a pass through? Some cables do have a converter in them but I don't need them.  Better yet, should I send this M2 back and get the 500, HDMI in, HDMI out? I do have a Slingbox PRO and SOLO but haven't used them since the X1 came along and the WIFI on the M2 sounds better than the Slinbox Media set.