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    no video signal

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      My M2 has worked fine since I bot it new in Sept of 2015.  I have not used it for more than six months but it has been connected and turned on to my living room TV but not accessed from my laptop in that time.  When I was last out of the country, I could not connect to it, so now I'm trying to make it connect before I travel again, but am now getting a "no video signal' error on watch in slingbox.com when I try to access it via my laptop.  I also get a constant pop up saying my Adobe Flash plug in has stopped working when using Firefox as my browser.  I do not get this error when I access Slingbox.com via MS Edge browser but the no video signal issue is the same regardless of the browser used.    

      I have reset the m2 a number of times.  The network light is on and settings shows that I am connected to my router.  I have good Wi-Fi video signal the power light is on for the M2.   

      Can anyone suggest a fix for my problem?  Thanks in advance.