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    Update breaks Guest account on Catcher

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      I have a old Catcher and Pro-HD. I wanted to reconfigure the network, (change IP scope) and decided to reset the Pro-HD. When it was discovered by the Slingplayer Desktop app, it ran an update. Odd, as I checked before I reset it, and there was no update... Once it was all configured with the new IP address, passwords and inputs, I tested using the SlingplayerForWeb app with both the Admin account and the separate account my Catcher uses with the Guest password. Both worked. When I use the catcher, I am prompted for the Pro-HD's password. I removed the Pro-HD from the guest account and verified it was gone from the Catcher. Added it back, (again with the guest password and Admin unselected) and tested access via the SlingplayerForWeb app. Again, worked fine, and no prompts for password. When I use the Catcher, the Pro-HD is again listed, however when selected I am still prompted for the password.?? As it was fine before the 'forced' update, I have to assume that the update is what broke the Pro-HD. (The Catcher was not changed or modified at all during the testing.) To reiterate; It all worked fine before a firmware upgrade.


      I know these are out of warranty, but if Sling is going to update the firmware and not give me an option to opt out, I would hope they would support the update and fix the problem.