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    Slow HD Streaming


      I live in FL and I'm am having a problem while accessing my Slingbox Pro HD (located in NY)..  When using either web access or Slingplayer, I cannot generate more than 200-250 kbps.  This problem just surfaced in the past week.  I even tried changing my router but that didn't work. It still happens when I connect directly to my cable modem. I even tried it at Starbucks and McDonalds wi-fi this morning with the same results.


      I have an HP HDX laptop 64 bit, Intel Core duel processor 2.13gz  4GB RAM

      I'm running Windows 7 64 bit


      I experience the same problem with Internet Explorer 9  as well as Firefox 6.0


      My internet provider is Brighthouse and my tested download speed is 20 MPS and my upload speed is 1.8 MPS


      I'm at my wits end and would appreciate any help possible.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          The problem is most likely with the upload speed of the internet service at the physical location of your Slingbox in NY.   You might try contacting the ISP for your service in NY to report slow upload speeds.   They should be able to reset your NY cable modem connection and then advise you whether the signal strength is degraded for some reason, and whether they can repair it themselves.   If you are using a cable modem at your NY location (not, for example, a DSL modem), then your transmission speeds can also be degraded if several of your immediate neighbors in NY on the same ISP are making heavy use of their internet service at the same time.


          Good luck with you troubleshooting.

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              Finally got a resolution to my problem. I had my son in NY test the connection from his laptop and it was fine. It had to be either my laptop or my connection.  I took my laptop to a friend's house and tried it on their internet.  Worked fine.  I narrowed it down to a problem with my cable modem.  Even though the speed test was showing no problem, when the modem was switched out it worked fine.  Thanks for your help.