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    Black border and keyboard support

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      I use slingbox m2 and i have a few issues with it.


      1. My video is not in full screen even though my cable box is set to 16:9 and when i tried to connect to hdmi (usually its connected only to the slingbox) it works with fullscreen just fine. I have to say that the oicture is almost full screen. But i still can see that there are black borders on the sides and bottom like the picture is not stretched enough even though i set the aspect to 16:9 on my slingplayer and cablebox. I can upload a picture if necessary. I also checked in multiple devices and its the same from every platform.


      2. I tried to use slingbox for tablets and connect the tablet to my tv. I control the tablet with a remote control like a keyboard. Buy the app doesn't support keyboard gestures but only touch. I cant see any sign on the screen that indicates movement when i press the arrow keys.

      Also, when i use a mouse it works but i cant click on the arrow buttons on the virtual remote that opens. All buttons work except for the arrows.

      On my phone and pc the arrows work perfectly so I don't think its a problem with the remote configuration.


      3. I live in israel. How can I choose the best country in the slingbox configuration page to get the fastest internet bandwidth? I managed to get a maximum of 2000 kbps. Usually its about 1000 kbps. My internet speed can get to 8000-10000 kbps on other downloads.