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    Error -130

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      I just bought a Slingbox M1, and am worried I've made a mistake.  I haven't been able to run Slingplayer for Desktop (PC) at all.

      When I open the program I get

      Failed to load Slingplayer Desktop. Error code is -130
      Please check your Internet Connection and try again


      I've made an exception in my Firewall for the software, I've turned off my Firewall, I've tried wired and wireless network connection without luck.  I can see the unit in the local wireless connections, so I don't think it's the unit.  I'm running Windows 8.1.

      Has anyone experienced this issue?  Any ideas of how I can get the program to work?  I really want this to work, but without being tech savvy I'm at a loss.

      .Any help would be great.