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    Slingbox M1 and Xfinity X1 getting No Video Signal but audio works

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      Haven't used the device is a year or so but my M1 no longer has a video feed and displays No Video Signal.  It worked when I set it up back in late 2014.  I have it hooked via 3 rca cables (L/R/V) from the X1 box output to the M1 inputs..(yes ive check 20 times and it worked before)  Audio works.   I have taken the video cable end from the M1 and plugged into TV and switched inputs and have video.  I have used the working audio cable in the video slots and still nothing-- but audio works with video cable.  I have changed the settings on the X1 from 1080P to 1080i to 720p to 480i and still get nothing...  I have tried pc desktop, web based, and iPhone mobile and none get video signal..    I have tried adding said box as a new device It produces same results.  I dont have another xfinity box with outputs to test on another box bc x1 is hdmi only on all but dvr.  I am unsure if this is a network issue.  Does anyone have any further suggestions to get this working?