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    Remote connection

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      I am trying to set up M2. I can see and stream video on the Slingbox App (iPad) while on the same internet network.  But, when I try to access when out of the house, my slingbox is not visible. 


      We got all the way through the setup to renaming Slingbox and viewing content on iPad while in same network.

      But, when I try to access Slingbox App while away from home, it tells me that there is no slingbox found on my access.


      Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix?  Could it be an issue with Norton settings?  I read about port forwarding but that's not in the basic set-up instructions so nervous to kick that off.



      M2 connected via Ethernet to Tivo cable box

      Bought iPad Slingbox App


      Thank you!

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          ms.T Novice

          Could be a firewall. Try disabling it, or lower the security setting temporarily. If it still doesn't work outside of the home then turn it back on.


          As for the port forwarding, you would only have to do that if your slingbox was connected with wifi. Yet you mentioned that it's connected with ethernet to your Tivo? It doesn't work like that. The slingbox would have to be connected directly to your router if you want it hardwired.