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    Slingbox 350 No or Weak Video signal problem

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      I have a 350 connected to a Tivo Mini using composite video with AV using the Tivo Composite cable.  This setup has worked in the past and I migrated it to a new home and now I get a No/Weak signal on the screen.




      1) I have bypassed the Slingbox with an HDMI cable connected directly to a TV - Tivo Mini outputs video and I can see it on the TV.

      2) I have connected Composite cables to the 350's output side and connected that to the TV  - I can see the pass thru signal on the TV.

      3) I have two 350's and have swapped them - same problem with both 350's.


      So, I have verified that the Mini outputs a TV signal and it is being delivered to the 350's composite in side (as the pass thru to the output side works).  Anybody have an ideas on what's wrong?  Did a Sling upgrade to the 350's break them?