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    M1 remote control no longer working

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      Hi all


      I was operating the M1 quite happily and then decided to upgrade the WiFi router to a faster 5G hz ASUS one. I was able to get the M1 reconnected to the network and it continues to stream video and audio perfectly. However, the remote control no longer works at all. I have tried with the IR cord plugged in and without (which was fine prior to the upgrade).


      I have tried rolling the unit back to factory settings and also done an upgrade to the latest firmware. In both cases it streams perfectly but zero reaction on the remote. I have tried selecting different component remote products to no avail.


      I have tried resetting the unit with a quick push of the reset button also.


      The component is a Sharp PVR - BD-NW510


      The remote for the Sharp unit is working fine. Therefore the issues could be:

      1. The unit is not receiving a signal via internet

      2. The unit is trying to emit an IR signal but a hardware or software issue preventing it

      3. I have no idea


      Any suggestions comments or experiences (positive and negative) are appreciated!