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    Help with P1 and P16 errors


      Help with P1 and P16 errors.

      Have replaced my router

      I have reset my slinbox

      I have added a wifi extender

      and I am still getting these errors on my slingbox 500. I am also not able to access my Shaw.PVR recordings on my Iphone 6e or from my Ipad. Any help would be great.



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          Sorry to hear that your are getting these different errors when trying to stream from your Slingbox 500. It is possible the reset did not go through on your Slingbox. You will need to perform a hard reset, and setup your Slingbox once more. I will provide a link below on how to perform a hard reset.


          Once your Slingbox has been setup, please let me know if you are still getting these error codes. I will need to know on what device you get the error. If you are still having issues with accessing your recordings as well, please make sure to provide the make and model of your cable box to better assist you.



          Thank you,


          Sling Media Moderation Team