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    Invalid Password!


      My slingplayer mobile app for iPhone recently started demanding a password for viewing. I am already logged in to my sling mobile account and this pop up window asks simply if this is the ADMIN password (yes or no) then asks for me to type in my password to begin viewing. I've never applied an admin password to the mobile app - and when I type in the admin password for the slingbox iteself; the app says my password is incorrect. I've completely reset my SlingboxSolo in an attempt to fix this problem and I still get the same error. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          FYI: other troubleshooting methods that I've already tried involved; deleating and re-installing the app; resetting the slingbox itself, changing my password; and deleating the slingbox from my mobile account and re-adding it online to the app. All of these have produced the same result: "Invalid Password!" (And seriously app programmers: what's with the exclamation point when my password is invalid? Are you happy that I cannot log in to watch my TV on an extremely over-priced web app?)

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            Try checking the box that says administrator.


            Hope this helps



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              Hi ehansen43, please have a look to these articles that will help you identify the issue with your Slingbox password and will help you troubleshoot it.

              SlingPlayer Mobile keeps telling me "Incorrect Slingbox password. Please try again" when I try to watch my Slingbox.


              Forgotten your password?


              If this doesn't help, please let us know. The more details and information you can provide, the better we (the forum community and Sling Media) can help you.

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                  Hi RafaelB,

                  I have the problem of Invalid Password as well and would like to seek you help.

                  First, I don't have any Admin password and don't know where to specify it.

                  Secondly, where to configure the Slingbox to sue Port 5001?

                  Kindly advise.

                  Thanks a lot!


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                      ditto... I have the same problem. I have a dish 922 (with Sling built in to it). There were many problems with my receivers and I've had to go through three replacements. Now I have one that is "stable", but my sling account seems to only see the old ones. Heck, I was even able to still access an old one (not mine!). Major bug y'all! Is there a way to force an update with the dishnetwork site so my receiver is visible???? I'm quite sure this is why I'm getting the password message...




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                    My ipad2 was working last week fine with the  sling player mobile.  Today I am getting this prompt.

                    Only change?  I applied the first patch for IOS 5 yesterday

                    Coincidence ?.

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                      I'm having same issues. Did anyone get this solved and how? Help please!


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                        I am also having the same problem.  I changed my passord in the system ande it still won't work!

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                          I am having the same problem as described above. My slingbox app was working perfectly with my iPhone, iPad, and PC's but only works on my pc now. The app was a wonderful idea for me, but quite expensive to be presenting this problem. Can someone please help me to resolve this problem. HELP!

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                            I was able to fix this by repeating the setup / configuration of the Slingbox.  Same options as before, and after complete, access via iPad was restored.  Been fine for months...

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                              I think what you need to do as I have just done is go online and sign in on your PC to your slingbox accout and go to your "Your Slingbox Directory" and where you have Profile info, Email address, Password, and at the bottom select the bottom option slingbox directory and then select Edit on the right on the slingbox you are connecting to and retype the password you need. and you wont get that password invalid quey once you are using the same password on your iPhone.

                              Anyway hope this helps.


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                                  Problem solved. Hope it solves your problem too...


                                  The solution is close to home... actually it IS at home.


                                  My situation was:

                                  - I don't live at home (where the actual Slingbox machine lives)... I'm 6,000 miles away

                                  - I didn't get a clear and upfront prompt that said it's my firmware (software) that needs updating. Therefore, I was clueless as to why the system was working one day...but not the next... or why I constantly got that dreaded 'Invalid Password' message.

                                  - I trawled the Slingbox website for answers (as well as a few other sites)... they offered little except a few clues here and there, but nothing clear cut

                                  - I even called the helpline but after a couple of hours of being in the queue - admitted defeat - a complete waste of time and money

                                  - I DID eventually discover that the problem was down to a need for me to update my software.


                                  The path to glory:

                                  - I eventually found a page that told me to go here: http://setup.slingbox.com/. This page told me that I would get an automatic prompt (in the top right hand corner) saying I needed to update my firmware.

                                  - What I got was the "Welcome to Slingbox Set Up" and a "Get Started!" button

                                  - I clicked this button but nothing happened. It was a dead end



                                  - I was 6000 miles from homebase... I now realise that I was trying to solve the problem on my desktop, ipad and iphone BUT WAS NOT AT HOME... not at the mother ship computer which my actual Slingbox machine was attached to



                                  - Get your dad (or his pet dog) to update the software where your ACTUAL Slingbox resides

                                  - And hey presto! The next time you tap in your admin password 6000 miles away your problem is solved!!!

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                                      Andyblank should be sent a big fat paycheck from Slingbox for figuring out this "invalid password" dilemma and explaining it to a tech-challenged sports fan.. All Slingbox could do was tell me to reset the password (which, of course, didn't work) or pay for a tech support product, which I should not be forced to buy to use a product I have already purchased! Andy's tenacious perseverance saved me a blown fuse and Slingbox all the bad press with the angry blogging campaign I was about to undertake.