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    Can't connect to my Slingbox500 after years of success(?)

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      I've been using my Slingbox500 successfully for years.  In the last few months, when I try to connect through my iphone 6, I get the error message "Slingplayer connection lost. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again.".  The slingbox and phone are connected to the internet because when I press CONNECT on my phone, the slingbox lights up. I tried disconnecting and resetting the slingbox.  I removed and reloaded the slingbox iphone app.  I tried on two different phones and my laptop.  I disconnected the phone from wifi and tried to connect via 4G. I tested my internet speed (20Mb/s upload, 40Mb/s download) All with the same results.  I had some intermittent connection where the phone connects to a very low resolution signal and freezes every 15 seconds like it is struggling to upload bits. Anyone have ideas?