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    Power Adapter Lasts only 3 months?


      I'm very disappointed with Sling's service.  I've had my Pro-HD for 3 years or so, and just 3 months ago the power light would stay on, but no network light - and the reset button wouldn't do anything.  After searching these forums I found out that it was a faulty power adapter.  So I ordered a new one from Sling directly on their website.  After getting the new one everything was up and running like before.


      However this lasted for less than 3 months, and it started doing the same thing it was before.  When I called technical support to see if they could get me a replacement since I feel that the power adapter should last longer than 3 months, they said they couldn't handle that since it was sold through their online store, which was operated by Digital River.  They transferred me to them.  Digital River said they only sell stuff, don't support it, so they gave me the phone number for Sling Media and sent me back there.  So instead of talking to someone in tech support I contacted someone in sales.  They said that since I didn't order from Sling, instead went through Digital River they had to transfer me.  And of course when I got back through to someone at Digital River again, they said they can only replace something less than 30 days old - so I would have to contact Sling Media and asked if I wanted to be transferred.  They also said if I paid another $20 for a power adapter there was nothing they could guarantee that I wouldn't have to pay $20 every 3 months to be able to use my Slingbox.


      Has anyone had any luck getting a replacement for a faulty power adapter?  Or is there any third party solutions that will work and actually last?