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    Help!  I need to find a remote on the M1 that will work with my Telus Optic IPR 6015 PVR Box


      I have been working with Telus Technicians and Slingbox Support, and unfortunately have not been able to find a remote that will perform all functions.


      Telus claim that the remote by Ruwido Slimline 2 will work on all Telus PVR boxes.


      Unfortunately, Slingbox M1 does not recognize that remote.  It is not on the list. 


      I can sign in to my M1 box on my Apple iMac and iPad, I can watch my program that is on the TV on my iPad, however, the remote "Cisco" that it show on my iPad will not allow me to check my recording list and select that to watch.


      Thank you, and hopefully someone out there was able to get this problem fixed.