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    Changed DVR and now can't receive audio


      Upgraded from Directv HR 20 to  HR 24.  I'm using a digital cable for audio, but not able to get sound.  It worked fine with the old dvr.  Any suggestions?

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          Hi, mikemckinley


          It seems that you are having some issues since you are not able to get the digital audio signal.


          If you are using the SlingPlayer software, you'll need to select the "digital audio" option instead of "analog audio". This option is available on the SlingPlayer software version. If you are using the web-based application, it will recognize the S/PDIF connection automatically, therefore, you will not need to apply any modification.


          Finally, keep in mind that even though the Direct TV HR24 model is not included on the supported devices list, you can use any other Direct TV IR Code, since they will work the same way.