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    getting no internet connection


      Every time i log into slingbox, i get little box saying (no internet connection,make sure phone and computer is connected to internet),well i can get on the web on computer,phone,ipod,laptop all useing my wii fi ,but can connect to slingbox on my phone,can someone help me out to figure this out

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          I get the same error message and my slingbox is hooked up properly and has been for nearly a year now.  All lights and connections are on but I still get the error message.

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            jimfitzgerald Apprentice

            To connect to your Slingbox via the internet, both your smartphone and your Slingbox must have an internet connection.  When you are at home connected via Wifi, that does not required an internet connection.  You are simply connected via your router.  If you cannot connect via the internet, chances are your Slingbox is not connected to the internet.  Go into your Slingbox setup and configure it for internet connection.