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    How to Change Port on Slingbox with a Mac




      I set up a new Slingbox Pro HD at my mother's house.  I am now in Singapore and the Internet Viewing is not working properly.


      The complete setup is this: Direct TV satellite feed TO Tivo Series 2 TO Slingbox Pro HD TO Sling Link to Motorola SB900 modem/router (it is a modem that broadcasts its own wireless signal).


      When I am at her house, inside her network, it all works beautifully.  But remote viewing is not working.


      We (me on the phone, talking my mother through the steps) have checked and double-checked the port forwarding configuration on her Motorola SB900 (something close to this) modem/router.  My mother uses a Mac and there is not a single Windows computer in the house, so we are using only the slingbox setup on slingbox.com since there no longer seems to be a slingplayer for Mac for her to download and use.


      We have tried recreating the port forwarding option for port 5001.  We now have also created a second port forwarding option on port 443.  As a result, the modem currently has a Slingbox port for 5001 and a Slingbox2 port for 443, both with the IP


      So far, I still cannot get the Internet viewing to work.


      With my slingplayer application on my laptop, it is easy for me to select a slingbox (I have two setup but only the one at my mother's house is having the remote viewing problem), click edit, click Configuration, click Change Network Settings and manually change the port numbers, etc.  Unfortunately, this is not an option for us because me and my laptop with the slingplayer app are now on the other side of the planet.


      Please note that 1) I have a second slingbox setup at my own US house and I am able to remotely view that slingbox perfectly and 2) local viewing of the slingbox at my mother's US house is working perfectly too.  The problem is only remote viewing of the slingbox at my mother's house.


      My questions are:

      -Using slingbox.com setup, how do I change the port that my mother's slingbox is on?  I know how to change the port forwarding on the modem/router but I cannot find where to change the port that the slingbox looks to.

      -Are there any other errors that you see in my setup that would be preventing my remote viewing from working?


      I would be grateful for any ideas/suggestions/corrections.

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          Still no success connecting remotely.  Earlier we had changed the port forwarding setting in the Motorola modem/router.  On the modem/router, we now have two port forwarding settings in there, just as described above in my original post.

          Downloaded the Slingplayer app for the Mac.  Changed the port in the manual setup to 443 in the Slingplayer setup assistant.


          When the setup assistant attempts to check whether our settings were successful, it reports that it failed.  When I attempt to connect from outside the network, it verifies that it failed.  Still no success.


          Not sure what to try now.  Could it be a problem with the Motorola SBG900?  I've never used the combo modem/router unit before.


          Thank you for any ideas or suggestions.