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    Need to return for warranty replacement


      Have tried all options, but will not connect. Need to return for replacement.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          How long exactly has it been since the units date of purchase?


          If it's been less then 30 days I suggest you return it at the retailer you bought it for a replacement unit.

          If its been more then 30 days, but less then 90 days, call slingmedia for a trouble shooting step though which can also end in a free replacement.

          If it's been more then 90 days, then you will have to pay at minimum a $29.99 diagnotic phone support fee which will be refunded if it's found to be an actual hardware problem.


          Free support:



          Paid Support:



          *They also sell an extended 3 year support option for 49.99 which one can purchase anytime within their initial 1 year warranty period.