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    Tried to Port Forward & Still Can't Connect Outside My Network?


      My slingbox used to work perfect on a 3G connection, but now it just spins and says "Connecting" for 30 seconds and tells me I'm not connected to the Internet. However, I have no problem getting on my slingbox when my iphone is connected through my home network. So I've been dealing with this for 2 months and finally got some free time to try to fix it. I already tried the port forward and it still will not connect outside the network. After I make the port forwarding changes in the Linsys software to open port 5001 I still cant get the Slingplayer Set-up Assistant to say successful. I have to manually put the info into the router because the assistant doesnt recognize the router. I just tried it for the 5th time today without any success and getting very frustrated. I also turned off the firewall on my computer and all anti-virus just in case that was blocking it. Can somebody please help? I'll try anything!


      Router: Linksys WRT54GS

      Modem: RCA by Thomson (Mediacom Broadband)

      OS: Windows XP