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    Slingbox Pro + DirecTV D12-100 Remote?


      Just switched over to DirecTV and I can't get a Slingbox Pro's remote functions to work with a D12-100 box. The D12 is not listed in the remote setup list under "DirecTV". I've tried other similarly-named remotes in the list (D10, D11, etc), and I also tried generic codes 1-25 under DirecTV, Other. I read elswhere on the forums that someone had success with Other, Code 6. Doesn't work for me.


      We also have a Slingbox Pro HD, which works just fine with our other D12-100 box. It's listed in the Setup list for the HD Pro, but not for the Pro.


      I can't believe that the Pro doesn't support the D12-100 box - it's the most common non-HD box that DirecTV currently uses.


      This is driving me nuts. Any info or help on this issue will be much appreciated.