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    Slingbox Classic power supply fried.. what to do?..


      My original "Classic" Slingbox has worked perfectly since I received it 
      brand new as a review unit, some years ago.. it's directly cabled to my 
      bedroom digital cable box, via an S-Video cable.. the emitters worked 
      perfectly.. everything worked perfectly for years..

      I have the  desktop player installed on two computers, and the SlingPlayer
      Mobile  installed on two PalmOS Treos.. everything was working perfectly.. I
      used it  every single day.. it was always plugged in with its original Power
      Supply,  that came with the unit, which was brand new, when it was sent to me
      by  Sling..

      Suddenly, last night, while moving from the living room to the  bedroom, I
      fired up SlingPlayer Mobile on one of my Treos, to continue  watching a show
      that I was in the middle of watching on the living room  teevee.. it worked

      After I got to the bedroom, after a few  minutes of watching, the SlingPlayer
      Mobile beeped, the picture went black,  and a message came up on the Treo's
      screen that said something about "weak  signal"..

      I tried starting the mobile player again, but got the same message   every time..

      Then I tried the desktop SlingPlayer, and it would also not connect to the Slingbox Classic..

      So I pulled the power cord out of the SlingBox Classic, waited a bit.. put  it back in, and
      after the usual boot-up light sequence, the lights on the front of the unit started behaving oddly.. the power LED came on,  but the Internet connection light was off.. I'd never seen this happen  before..

      I came back out to the living room, and power-cycled my router,  (a year-old Netgear model.. the SlingBox Classic is directly cabled to  it with a fifty foot cat-6 ethernet cable, that snakes around from the router to the bedroom.. the connections are fine and tight..).. but I could still not get the 
      desktop player to make a connection..

      I pressed the reset button on the back of the Classic, and went through the whole, long process of setting it  up again..

      I spent four hours messing with this, and the best I could  come up with was finally getting it to work, but it was only giving me fewer  than ten fps, and it said its internet speed was 0 (zero) kbps!.. obviously,  with such a weak connection, I was getting no picture on the desktop player  at all..

      To put it mildly.. I was going nuts..

      I reached down and to pull the  Classic's power supply (AC "wall wart"), out of a power strip on the floor,  next to the bedroom teevee, and the PS was so hot, I could barely touch  it!.. I mean literally that hot..

      I finally managed to get it out of the  power strip and let it cool off.. after it cooled off, and I shook it a bit,  I could hear something rattling around inside of the PS.. so I figured it  had fried and was toast, and a
      resistor or something inside of it had  over-heated and broken loose..

      Checking Sling's Web site, I see that they  still sell a replacement PS for the SlingBox Classic for $19.99, but what I  don't know is if that will solve the problem, or if the overheating PS  damaged the internals of the Classic itself, such that if I were to buy a  new, replacement Classic PS directly
      from Sling, if the box would work  again, or if it is also toast..

      I've used the SlingBox Classic literally  every day since I got it as a Press Review unit years ago, and was one of  the first to review SlingPlayer Mobile for PalmOS phones..

      My Press contacts at Sling no longer work there..

      What would you  folks recommend, based on your experience?..

      Have any of you ever had a similar situation, where you had a Slingbox Classic, and its PS fried?..

      Do you think I should buy  a replacement PS directly from them for $19.99 (free shipping), and hope  that the box is alright, and it was only the PS that fried, or should I find  another Classic on eBay in working condition with a working PS, and bid on  that?..

      I am not a hardware bench tech expert.. I have no way to analyze  nor check the Classic itself, to see if it is also toast, or if it's only  the PS that needs replacing.. since I only have the one PS, which is now a  paperweight..

      I don't know which way to go with this.. an extremely  over-heating PS could have damaged the Classic to the point that even with a  new PS, it won't work.. I have no idea, and no way to find out..

      I  don't need, and can't afford to buy one of the newer models of SlingBoxes..  I'd just like to get the Classic working again, if all it needs is a new PS,  but I don't KNOW if that's all it needs.. I could buy a new PS from Sling,  and then find out the box itself was damaged when the original
      PS got hot as  an oven, and then croaked..

      Any learned opinions from anyone who has experienced a similar situation, as to the wisest and most economical course of action would be appreciated..


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          An unnecessarily long story...


          Buy a new supply.  3A 6V DC.  I did, it worked fine.  Annoyingly that adapter has blown its thermal fuse too, so now I'm replacing the fuse as I don't want to waste money on repeatedly buying another one (much cheaper on eBay) and plan on putting some air holes in the plug!


          I've only just blown £20 on the (overpriced!!!) Android app too!

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              "Unnessarily long story" is your opinion..


              At any rate, when it was released, I was sent (to keep), and reviewed a retail-boxed Slingbox Classic, and, when it was ready, was also given, and reviewed the pre-release of SlingPlayer Mobile for PalmOS, under NDA, before its public release.. I later reviewed the release version..


              Since I had direct contact with Sling's PR people, and executives, when my Slingbox Classic's power supply over-heated and fried, I contacted Sling's President, who made the arrangements to send me a new ps, and a new Classic, along with a prepaid box in which to return the Classic.. it was their tech department's opinion that the blown power supply could have damaged the internals of the Slingbox itself, so it was best to send me replacements of both.. which he did, at no charge..