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    Old slingbox with i-pad


      I brought the i-pad app and now it tells me I ned to update my software on home computer, I have done all this, but still will not allow me to watch on i-pad, I have the older Slingbox pro in red, does it mean i have to pay another £130 for a Slingbox solo to watch the app. Can some one explain this to me, as there is no connect to Slingbox to ask them. Thank you

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Yes.  I'm guessing here but I think when Sling bought out the Solo and the Pro-Hd, it seems they included extra hardware that enabled a different method of streaming video to be used to give better results.   When the iPad app was written they made a decision (I am sure with good reason, probably to do with the iPad hardware) that it would use only this alternative streaming system and not the older version.  So if you don't have a Solo or Pro-Hd then the iPadd app will not work.