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    iPhone SlingPlayer remote questions


      I just set up a SlingBox 500, connected to a DirecTV DVR. I'm testing it on a TV in another room in the house, using a Roku, and I have these questions:


      1. When my iPhone goes to sleep/lock, I have to wake it up, then click Start Watching, then tap the screen, select the remote icon, and then use the remote to do anything I need to do (skip forward, pause, etc). Pretty awkward and time consuming. Are there any other options for remote controlling the SlingBox through my Roku? Or at least to keep the iPhone from going to the lock screen and keeping the remote controls visible?


      2. The remote screen on the iPhone has a "DVR" button. When I click this button, I see the word "List" appear in the top-right corner of the screen. ("List" is the correct button on the DirecTV DVR's remote control, so this is correct. But after a few seconds, the word "List" goes away, and I never get the DVR's list to show. The Guide button works as it should. It's just the DVR/List button that doesn't work. Any ideas?


      3. One of the reasons I'm trying the SlingBox is that I spend my winters in Mexico, and I thought I could leave the SlingBox hooked up to my DirecTV box in the States and watch TV in Mexico using my Roku there. But if I do this, would I be limited to watching on one TV at a time in Mexico? I don't need to watch different channels at the same time on different TVs, but it would be good to use multiple TVs to watch the same channel, especially during sports events like the Super Bowl and March Madness. Am I out of luck?