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    Sling box Pro-HD will not connect to Ubee DVW3201B router


      Has anyone successfully connected their Slingbox to a Ubee DVW3201B cable router?


      Brighthouse cable company have supplied a Ubee DVW3201B router for their roadrunner lightning broadband service - 40mb down 5mb up service so it should be good. I purchased a Pro-hd to take advantage of the excellent broadband speed however I just cannot get the router to connect to the sling box. Strangely it did assign it an ip address once and then start to go through the setup however it soon crashed saying it couldn't connect. I contacted sling support call centre who eventually reckoned the sling box was goosed and for me to return it.


      I wasn't convinced that the sling box was broken as I reckon it's a setting in the router that needs tweaked - despite reading numerous threads on connection issues since the last firmware upgrade of the Slingbox. There are hidden menus in this router that so far only the cable companies seem to know about since I had to call them to enable VPN access which they did by accessing the router remotely and obviously changed something since I can now use a VPN. The router seems to be that new that I can't find any info on the web about it. I ran out of time whilst in the usa to get to the bottom of it and brought the sling box home to the uk, plugged it in and it connected first time to my router here and happily streaming so there's nothing wrong with the Slingbox


      So back to the original question, what do I need to change in the router to get the sling box to connect to it - DHCP is set to auto-assign and port forwarding has also been setup. Any ideas?