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    DVB-T MPEG-4 channels does not work


      I have just bought a Slingbox PRO-HD for use with DVB-T in Denmark.


      It works fine with MPEG-2 channels but not with MPEG-4 channels. The only exception is I can see the picture of the only free MPEG-4 HD channel available, but no sound.


      This is a serious problem in Denmark as there is no analog service and MPEG-2 will terminate by end of 2011. Thereafter only MPEG-4 is available.


      Have I vasted my money? - or will there be a software update for this?

        • Re: DVB-T MPEG-4 channels does not work

          I have the same problem with my Slingbox Pro HD since all MPEG-2 channels were terminated in January 2012.


          Even uncoded MPEG-4 channels like DR1 does not shop properly. The picture updates every 1-5 seconds but is otherwis frozen.


          It is not a bandwith problem since the same applies on my LAN showing 8000+ kbps throughput. I am using an external tuner and the signal is perfect on an attached TV set.


          I suspect we need a firmware update before the Slingbox Pro HD will work properly in Denmark again.


          Erik, Denmark